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Mitt Romney, a Man Without Integrity?

Posted on : 12-05-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Anne Romney, GOP, Mitt Romney

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What is the single most important trait in a President?  Integrity. How can you trust a person who seems to have none? There are a few things about Mitt Romney that give me pause, but this is the biggest.  

Mitt Romney is not like us.  
Mitt appears to have no social skills at all. He doesn’t seem to be able to relate to normal people, the things he says seem to come from a different decade. Marvelous budget? Who says stuff like that? It’s like listening to dialogue from movies made in the 1940’s and 1950’s. What planet has he been living on for the past 50 years that would cause him to use expressions so old, so out of touch?

Mitt Romney doesn’t care about the 99%.
The statements that Mitt has made on the campaign trail make it clear how he would govern this country if elected. “Corporations are people too.” “Planned Parenthood, I’m going to do away with that.” “I like firing people who provide me services.” There have been dozens of similar statements, but just those three statements say it all. Mitt’s plan is to continue, if not escalate the current Republican Tea Party philosophy of giving to the top 1% and getting rid of the social safety net that has protected the 99% for decades. You think the middle class is disappearing now? If Mitt Romney gets elected, you better grab a life boat.

Reed Krakoff $990 Designer Shirt

Reed Krakoff $990 Designer Shirt

Mitt and Anne Romney give off a sense of entitlement.  
I wonder if they understand what type of image you should be putting forth to the electorate while running for the Presidency. Their actions are so entitled. Building a mega mansion in La Jolla, with a car elevator, during a Presidential campaign? Anne Romney wearing a $990 designer shirt (Reed Krakoff) for a television interview? 

Mitt Romney, the flip-flopper.
Have you ever seen a person that has been on so many sides of so many issues? Don’t worry, you’ll see enough video during the upcoming campaign that it will make your stomach turn. Mitt, have you ever heard of video tape? 

Mitt Romney lies, all the time.
He stands up in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of people and just lies. His   campaign staff must cringe every time he steps on stage. You can’t spin some of this stuff, it gives the Obama campaign hours and hours of video to use against him. The thing that gives me pause is that he lies with a straight face. If we can’t trust our own President, how will world leaders trust him? Will he lie with a straight face to them? Where is this man’s conscience? I have written posts about Mitt’s lying before, Rachel Maddow and Jennifer Granholm have documented many of his lies very well:

Mitt Romney is a man without conscience or integrity.
Now this week we discover that Mitt Romney was a bully in high school. I must say, I’m not really surprised, he gives off that air of superiority, like he’s better than the rest of us and the rules don’t apply to him. He doesn’t seem to have any compassion for other people. Even when confronted with his heinous past behavior, what does he do? He laughs. He can’t remember the incident, but how is it he can remember that he didn’t think the “fellow” (there’s that antiquated language again) was a homosexual. With 5 witnesses coming forward, among them an attorney, a dentist and a school Principal, still haunted by the incident, why doesn’t Mitt have the integrity to own up and take responsibility for his actions?  

Even worse, if he really doesn’t remember, what does that say about him? Who could forget an incident that has tortured 6 other people for their whole lives? Enough said.


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At least this theory from MSNBC’s resident Republican on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough gives me some comfort: Crazy Never Wins. This once, I hope Joe is right.  


It’s Our Turn Now – Feeling a Little Entitled?

Posted on : 17-04-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Anne Romney, Mitt Romney

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If it isn’t enough that Anne Romney received an early birthday present from Hillary Rosen, this latest statement makes me gag.

It’s our turn now?  Start packing? Really? How arrogant are these two?

The Presidents policies?  Please, give me a break.  We haven’t had the chance to try Obama’s policies because of the obstructionist Republicans in Congress.  The policies we’re still working with are mostly Bush’s policies.


I Don’t Even Consider Myself Wealthy

Posted on : 07-03-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Anne Romney

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Ann Romney said “I don’t even consider myself wealthy.”  Hello?  Can you say out of touch with the middle and lower class? 

You don’t feel wealthy when? As your driver is dropping you off at your Leer Jet? As you’re flying away in your private plane to one of your 4 or 5 homes?  When don’t you feel wealthy?

Pleeeeeeease!  Ann Romney makes it crystal clear “We can be poor in spirit.”  I think I’ve reached my limit.  

I don’t know about you, but I feel rich if I have $100 at the end of the month to put in savings.



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