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Chaos erupts on Morning Joe – Peggy Noonan Clueless

Posted on : 14-04-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Alan West, Donny Deutsch, Hillary Rosen, Joe Scarborough, Michael Steele, Mika Brzezinski, Mitt Romney, Peggy Noonan, People with Common Sense, Stephen Colbert, Steve Ratner

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Hey Peggy, you think it was a sacrifice for Anne Romney to stay home instead of going to work?  Nothing Anne Romney does has much sacrifice involved.

Do you think that Anne Romney had the same stay at home mom experience as the one I would have had, had I not been forced to work?  Did Anne Romney’s stay at home experience include all of these things:

  • Not being able to afford a baby sitter so you can get away for an hour or two?
  • Doing laundry?
  • Housework?
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking breakfast, fixing lunches and cooking dinner?
  • Doing dishes?
  • Paying bills?
  • Bathing children?
  • Putting children to bed at night?
Now imagine working 8 hours a day and still having to complete all those tasks. That’s what us working mothers go through everyday, if you ask me that is a far greater sacrifice than staying home with your housekeeper, nanny, cook and chauffeur.
Like I said yesterday and again today.  Any experience that Anne Romney and I share are never going to be the same.  I know she has had health struggles, god bless her for getting through it, but if I had had the same health struggles, do you think our experiences would have been the same?  Do you think she had to stress and worry about doctor bills, hospital bills, insurance deductibles and whether or not to pay your rent or buy your prescriptions?  I don’t think so.
The original point that Hillary Rosen was trying to make is that Anne Romney has not had any of the struggles of the 99% and should not be referenced by her husband in stump speeches as “knowing what the American women care about.”
And FYI Peggy, the Democrats did not start the War on Women, the Republicans started it with the legislation they have put forth all over this country in every state with a Republican Governor and in the US House of Representatives.
The Democrats did not name it the War on Women, American women named it the War on Women.  We are driving this train, not the Democratic Party.

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Defending Hillary Rosen

Posted on : 13-04-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Hillary Rosen, People with Common Sense

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I think this whole thing has been blown up by the Republicans and has been taken out of context.

Hillary was absolutely right, Anne Romney has no life experience to relate to 99% of American women, so it’s a stretch that she would have valuable advice to give her husband on this subject of the War on Women.  

I think millions of  women would love to be able to stay home and raise their children full time like Anne Romney.  Anne Romney stated that she had made the career choice to stay home with her children, but most American women don’t have the luxury of having a choice.  Anne Romney can’t relate to women that are forced to bring in a second income, or single mothers who are forced to work to support their children.

Here is the point I want to make.  Anne Romney is one of the very few (1%) of women in this country that always has a choice.  No matter what she does, in everything, absolutely everything,  she has the luxury of a choice.  

I believe that this was the point that Hillary Rosen was trying to make, that’s how I took her statement, and I agree.

I must say that I’m a little disappointed in President Obama on this.  I’m not sure why this issue as been turned into a debate on the value of  stay at home moms.  I think he played right into the Republicans hands and he appeared to me to be pandering a bit to stay at home moms.  

President Obama said that we should not bring spouses into the campaign.  Hello!  Mitt Romney is the one bringing his wife into the campaign, he’s quoting her in his stump speeches as his adviser on the War on Women.  I’ve never seen a woman less equipped to advise anyone on the plight of the average American women.

I’m just disappointed that the leaders of the Democratic Party didn’t stand up for Hillary Rosen.  She has worked tirelessly for the Democratic party and their agenda. 

I never though I’d say this, but I was proud of Republican Bay Buchanan tonight for defending Hillary and her statements.


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