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Joe Scarborough says the Republican party extremism is unsustainable

Posted on : 19-04-2013 | By : vlramirez | In : GOP, Joe Scarborough, Marco Rubio, Mika Brzezinski, People with Common Sense, Rand Paul

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Joe Scarbourgh and Mika Brzezinski on Morning JoeI want to say right up front, on a normal day, I do not agree with Joe Scarborough on just about anything, and normally spend my mornings mad tweeting him repeatedly. Today, much to my surprise, I was twitter silent because, for once, I agreed with him completely.

One day after the Senate voted down the background check bill by 6 votes, many people are predicting, me included, that every member of the Senate who voted NO and is up for re-election in 2014 will be defeated.  This prediction excludes Harry Reid who voted no so that he can reintroduce the bill at a later date.

Today on Morning Joe, Joe Scarbourgh stated “This will be a turning point in the Republican Party…this party that killed this background check yesterday; this party is moving toward extinction.  A new Republican Party is going to replace it and this is going to be a vote that people are going to look back on and say ‘that party, that extremism, that was unsustainable.'”

Watch Joe Scarbourgh, Mika Brzezinski,  Mark Halpern, Willie Geist, Howard Dean and Mike Barnicle on MSNBs Morning Joe this morning:


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What’s it going to take to get our DO NOTHING Congress to pass common sense gun legislation to keep our Country safe? They have already had one of their own, Gabby Gifford, shot in a mass shooting in Arizona, and they DID NOTHING! 20 children and 6 adults shot in Newtown, and they DO NOTHING!

That’s it, we now have to take matters into our own hands. WE NEED TO VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!

Now our work begins, we must see that the following members of the United States Senate are voted out of office at the first opportunity (we’ll take care of the House in another post) and replaced with common sense Democrats:

Member Party State Up for
Democratic Challenger
Lamar Alexander Republican TN 2014    
Max Baucus Democrat MT Retiring 2014 Governor Brian Schweitzer  
Mark Begich Democrat AK 2014    
Saxby Chambliss Republican GA Retiring 2014    
Thad Cochran Republican MS 2014    
John Cornyn Republican TX 2014    
Michael Enzi Republican WY 2014    
Lindsey Graham Republican SC 2014 Jay Stamper  
James Inhofe Republican OK 2014    
Mike Johanns Republican NE Retiring 2014    
Mitch McConnell Republican KY 2014 Alison Lundergan Grimes
Ben Chandler
Ed Marksberry
(45/41) 04/09/13
(46/41) 04/09/13
(46/35) 04/09/13
Mark Pryor Democrat AR 2014    
Jim Risch Republican ID 2014    
Pat Roberts Republican KS 2014    
Tim Scott Republican SC 2014    
Jeff Sessions Republican AL 2014    


If you know of a credible Democratic challenger for any of these 2014 races, please let me know. 

2016 and 2018 Races

Kelly Ayotte – Republican – NH – 2016
John Barrasso – Republican – WY – 2018
Roy Blunt – Republican – MO – 2016
John Boozman – Republican – AR – 2016
Richard M. Burr – Republican – NC – 2016
Daniel Coats – Republican – IN – 2016
Tom Coburn – Republican – OK – 2016
Bob Corker – Republican – TN – 2018
Michael D. Crapo – Republican – ID – 2016
Ted Cruz – Republican – TX – 2018
Deb Fischer – Republican – NE – 2018
Jeff Flake – Republican – AZ – 2018
Charles E. Grassley – Republican – IA – 2016
Orrin G. Hatch – Republican – UT – 2018
Heidi Heitkamp – Democrat – ND – 2018
Dean Heller – Republican – NV – 2018
John Hoeven – Republican – ND – 2016
Johnny Isakson – Republican – GA – 2016
Ron Johnson – Republican – WI – 2016
Mike Lee – Republican – UT – 2016
Jerry Moran – Republican – KS – 2016
Lisa Murkowski – Republican – AK – 2016
Rand Paul – Republican – KY – 2016
Rob Portman – Republican – OH – 2016
Marco Rubio – Republican – FL – 2016
Richard C. Shelby – Republican – AL – 2016
John Thune – Republican – SD – 2016
David Vitter – Republican – LA – 2016
Roger Wicker – Republican – MS – 2018

Trends are the most important indicators in Presidential Polls

Posted on : 03-11-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Joe Scarborough, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin

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We are obsessed with the daily poll numbers we get everyday from the press. I’ve been noticing some very disturbing trends in the reporting of polls on National TV.

I watch a lot of TV (Current TV, MSNBC and CNN) on a daily basis and have noticed that commentators are more likely to focus on the polls that lean their way. Many Democrats, me included, are hanging our hopes on Nate Silver. I watch his site day and night waiting for his latest projections. 

Every morning I watch Morning Joe on MSNBC. Joe Scarborough consistently points out the daily polls that give Mitt Romney an edge and discounts Nate Silver and his projection models over and over. On Thursday morning, even though he was not on the show that day, Joe Scarborough spent his morning dissing Nate Silver on Twitter. Here is Nate Silver’s response to Joe’s tweets:

Nate Silver tweets to Joe Scarborough

Margaret Sullivan on The New York Times Opinion Pages, quoted Joe Scarborough.

“Anybody that thinks that this race is anything but a tossup right now is such an ideologue, they should be kept away from typewriters, computers, laptops and microphones for the next 10 days, because they’re jokes.”

The above words are those of Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. He’s talking about Nate Silver, the statistics wizard whose FiveThirtyEight blog is licensed by The New York Times, and who writes for The Times frequently online as well as in print. Mr. Silver also has a desk in The Times’s newsroom.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s all about the trend in the polls.  In this image of Nate Silver’s prediction from today, you can clearly see the down trend for President Obama after the first Presidential debate, the up trend after the second an third Presidential Debates and the sharp up trend after Hurricane Sandy.

Nate Silver's Presidential prediction from November 3, 2012


Hey Joe Scarborough, even you have to admit that it’s all about the trends and clearly, President Obama has the momentum to bring this home in a BIG way.

Joe, during the primaries you consistently said that Mitt Romney is a flawed candidate, yet now you are on the Romney bandwagon. Why would you back a flawed candidate, because he’s the best of the worst that ran for President on the Republican ticket? It’s pretty sad that you would back a man with little integrity who consistently lies to the American public just because he’s the last Republican standing. This is the same mindset that gave us Sarah Palin. Maybe you’re the joke Joe, not the rest of who are voting in the best interest of the country.

Beau Biden – Mitt Romney Lies 24 Times in 41 Minutes at Debate

Posted on : 24-10-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Joe Scarborough, Mitt Romney, People with Common Sense

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Mitt Romney, 24 lies in 41 minutesDo you love the Biden men as much as I do? You have to love someone who speaks his mind and the honest truth at the same time (this is a lesson for you Mitt).

On Morning Joe today, broadcast in my town, from Racks in Boca Raton, Florida. Biden spoke the truth about Mitt Romney. He spoke of not just his debate performance last night in the third Presidential Debate, but also about Mitt as a man and his lack of integrity.

As we already know, Mitt Romney lies about everything, today Beau Biden calls him out.  

Attorney General Beau Biden tells America that Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected. His own home state doesn’t support him and he’s not even campaigning there. What does it say when the population of the only state where Mitt Romney has ever governed, in the only election he has ever won in 20 years of trying, don’t want anything to do with him?

Watch a clip of Beau Biden (view the clip of the entire segment below): 

See clip of Beau Biden here



 See full Morning Joe segment here


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Chaos erupts on Morning Joe – Peggy Noonan Clueless

Posted on : 14-04-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Alan West, Donny Deutsch, Hillary Rosen, Joe Scarborough, Michael Steele, Mika Brzezinski, Mitt Romney, Peggy Noonan, People with Common Sense, Stephen Colbert, Steve Ratner

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Hey Peggy, you think it was a sacrifice for Anne Romney to stay home instead of going to work?  Nothing Anne Romney does has much sacrifice involved.

Do you think that Anne Romney had the same stay at home mom experience as the one I would have had, had I not been forced to work?  Did Anne Romney’s stay at home experience include all of these things:

  • Not being able to afford a baby sitter so you can get away for an hour or two?
  • Doing laundry?
  • Housework?
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking breakfast, fixing lunches and cooking dinner?
  • Doing dishes?
  • Paying bills?
  • Bathing children?
  • Putting children to bed at night?
Now imagine working 8 hours a day and still having to complete all those tasks. That’s what us working mothers go through everyday, if you ask me that is a far greater sacrifice than staying home with your housekeeper, nanny, cook and chauffeur.
Like I said yesterday and again today.  Any experience that Anne Romney and I share are never going to be the same.  I know she has had health struggles, god bless her for getting through it, but if I had had the same health struggles, do you think our experiences would have been the same?  Do you think she had to stress and worry about doctor bills, hospital bills, insurance deductibles and whether or not to pay your rent or buy your prescriptions?  I don’t think so.
The original point that Hillary Rosen was trying to make is that Anne Romney has not had any of the struggles of the 99% and should not be referenced by her husband in stump speeches as “knowing what the American women care about.”
And FYI Peggy, the Democrats did not start the War on Women, the Republicans started it with the legislation they have put forth all over this country in every state with a Republican Governor and in the US House of Representatives.
The Democrats did not name it the War on Women, American women named it the War on Women.  We are driving this train, not the Democratic Party.

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Crazy Never Wins

Posted on : 28-09-2011 | By : vlramirez | In : GOP, Joe Scarborough, People with Common Sense

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For once, Joe Scarborough got it right when he reported in Politico this morning and said again on Morning Joe (MSNBC), 

“Crazy Never Wins” 

With the crazy talk coming from the Republican candidates, truer words have never been spoken.  As everyday in the 2012 Campaign passes, there is one more crazy statement by a Republican Candidate, sometimes more. 

Crazy Never Wins starts at 2:00 minutes into the video.


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