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Joe Scarborough says the Republican party extremism is unsustainable

Posted on : 19-04-2013 | By : vlramirez | In : GOP, Joe Scarborough, Marco Rubio, Mika Brzezinski, People with Common Sense, Rand Paul

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Joe Scarbourgh and Mika Brzezinski on Morning JoeI want to say right up front, on a normal day, I do not agree with Joe Scarborough on just about anything, and normally spend my mornings mad tweeting him repeatedly. Today, much to my surprise, I was twitter silent because, for once, I agreed with him completely.

One day after the Senate voted down the background check bill by 6 votes, many people are predicting, me included, that every member of the Senate who voted NO and is up for re-election in 2014 will be defeated.  This prediction excludes Harry Reid who voted no so that he can reintroduce the bill at a later date.

Today on Morning Joe, Joe Scarbourgh stated “This will be a turning point in the Republican Party…this party that killed this background check yesterday; this party is moving toward extinction.  A new Republican Party is going to replace it and this is going to be a vote that people are going to look back on and say ‘that party, that extremism, that was unsustainable.'”

Watch Joe Scarbourgh, Mika Brzezinski,  Mark Halpern, Willie Geist, Howard Dean and Mike Barnicle on MSNBs Morning Joe this morning:


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What’s it going to take to get our DO NOTHING Congress to pass common sense gun legislation to keep our Country safe? They have already had one of their own, Gabby Gifford, shot in a mass shooting in Arizona, and they DID NOTHING! 20 children and 6 adults shot in Newtown, and they DO NOTHING!

That’s it, we now have to take matters into our own hands. WE NEED TO VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!

Now our work begins, we must see that the following members of the United States Senate are voted out of office at the first opportunity (we’ll take care of the House in another post) and replaced with common sense Democrats:

Member Party State Up for
Democratic Challenger
Lamar Alexander Republican TN 2014    
Max Baucus Democrat MT Retiring 2014 Governor Brian Schweitzer  
Mark Begich Democrat AK 2014    
Saxby Chambliss Republican GA Retiring 2014    
Thad Cochran Republican MS 2014    
John Cornyn Republican TX 2014    
Michael Enzi Republican WY 2014    
Lindsey Graham Republican SC 2014 Jay Stamper  
James Inhofe Republican OK 2014    
Mike Johanns Republican NE Retiring 2014    
Mitch McConnell Republican KY 2014 Alison Lundergan Grimes
Ben Chandler
Ed Marksberry
(45/41) 04/09/13
(46/41) 04/09/13
(46/35) 04/09/13
Mark Pryor Democrat AR 2014    
Jim Risch Republican ID 2014    
Pat Roberts Republican KS 2014    
Tim Scott Republican SC 2014    
Jeff Sessions Republican AL 2014    


If you know of a credible Democratic challenger for any of these 2014 races, please let me know. 

2016 and 2018 Races

Kelly Ayotte – Republican – NH – 2016
John Barrasso – Republican – WY – 2018
Roy Blunt – Republican – MO – 2016
John Boozman – Republican – AR – 2016
Richard M. Burr – Republican – NC – 2016
Daniel Coats – Republican – IN – 2016
Tom Coburn – Republican – OK – 2016
Bob Corker – Republican – TN – 2018
Michael D. Crapo – Republican – ID – 2016
Ted Cruz – Republican – TX – 2018
Deb Fischer – Republican – NE – 2018
Jeff Flake – Republican – AZ – 2018
Charles E. Grassley – Republican – IA – 2016
Orrin G. Hatch – Republican – UT – 2018
Heidi Heitkamp – Democrat – ND – 2018
Dean Heller – Republican – NV – 2018
John Hoeven – Republican – ND – 2016
Johnny Isakson – Republican – GA – 2016
Ron Johnson – Republican – WI – 2016
Mike Lee – Republican – UT – 2016
Jerry Moran – Republican – KS – 2016
Lisa Murkowski – Republican – AK – 2016
Rand Paul – Republican – KY – 2016
Rob Portman – Republican – OH – 2016
Marco Rubio – Republican – FL – 2016
Richard C. Shelby – Republican – AL – 2016
John Thune – Republican – SD – 2016
David Vitter – Republican – LA – 2016
Roger Wicker – Republican – MS – 2018

Gringo’s Just Don’t Get It

Posted on : 25-04-2012 | By : Guest Blogger | In : GOP, Guest Blogger, Marco Rubio, People with Common Sense, Rachel Maddow

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By Dan Montes, Carson City, NV

Marc o RubioSo, the Associated Press reported the other day that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) is pushing for a Republican version of the DREAM Act.  Good luck with that.  Sen. Rubio is also a potential Vice Presidential pick for the upcoming presidential election.  Again, good luck with that.  So why do I make that statement; and why does it matter.

I’m sure that everyone is pretty much aware that the Republican Party is in deep trouble with the Hispanic voting bloc, almost all 21 million eligible voters.  Given the tone of anti-immigration talk that the Republican Party has been throwing about the last couple of years, can you blame them?  Sen. Rubio is working diligently to enhance his standing in the party to better his odds for a spot on the Republican ticket.  But a little reported issue within the Hispanic voting bloc stands in Rubio’s way, and it has the potential of making this VP selection imitate the Palin embarrassment.

Not to be condescending, but you Gringos just don’t get it.  Seen one Latino, seen them all. Not so I say.  Just ask a Salvadorian, a Nicaraguan, a Puerto Rican, a Mexican and the list goes on; as all the “Hispanic” nationalities have individual national pride and identity.  But most Gringos’ have the habit of just lumping them all together as Hispanics or Latinos.  As a Mexican-American that once lived in Florida, let me tell you it’s a bad idea to view the Hispanic vote as just one large voting bloc to corral. Republicans should listen up.

Besides Sen. Rubio’s obvious pandering to Latinos proposing his new and shiny version of the DREAM Act.  The larger issue is that he is of Cuban decent.  Why does that matter.  Because of the deep-seated resentment from the Hispanic community against the Cubans that is immeasurable.  Not many people are aware that the illegal Cuban immigrant is the only foreign national that has a special immigration status and residency pathway. The “Wet foot, Dry Foot” policy, the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, revised in 1995 provides for any Cuban that makes it to shore (“dry feet”) is allowed to remain in the United States.  All other illegal immigrants get a one-way ticket back to where ever they came from.  Do you get it now?  This has been a slow simmering issue with Latinos for some time now, just not discussed as openly as it should be, or maybe it will be if Sen. Rubio’s dreams are realized.

The 2008 election saw the Latino vote go 67-31 percent in favor of President Obama and favored Democrats 60-38 percent in the congressional race.  If Sen. Rubio is on the 2012 ticket, I’m guessing that the Republicans will pick up maybe another 500,000 votes, all from Miami, no big surprise, and not much of a gain to move the percentage points in the Republican column.  Do you get it now?  In all fairness I have to say that neither party has done anything measurable to solve the immigration problem in this country.  But now its election season, just watch them all scramble with more unfulfilled promises, should be entertaining.

Rubio Working on GOP Version of DREAM Act to Let Younger Illegal Aliens Stay Legally In U.S.



Rachel Maddow has some interesting thoughts on Immigration Policy, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio


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