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The GOP has a broken picker, they picked another lier!

Posted on : 18-08-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : GOP, Herman Cane, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rachel Maddow, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin

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What is wrong with the GOP and their ability to pick candidates? I thought the GOP would have learned their lesson after John McCain picked Sarah Palin. After a failed vetting process, as documented in Game Change, Steve Schmidt himself has admitted that they picked Sarah Palin to make a game changing move in the election, to win at any cost, not because she was qualified to be President of the United States. Schmidt admitted on Morning Joe that they made a reckless choice and did a disservice to the United States of America by picking Sarah Palin. Did they learn? I think not.

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During the Presidential Primary, we were presented with a host of incompetent candidates. Newt Gingrich? Rich Santorum? Ron Paul? Michelle Bauchman? Herman Cane? Really? Who encouraged these people to run?

GOP Presidential Primary Candidates 2012

It seems like out of a host of incompetent candidates, the one with the most money won. Just that simple, his money out lasted everyone else while he was slamming his opponents with nasty ads over and over and over again. Money talks. Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee for the President of the United States, apparently by default.

Doesn’t it seem that the GOP didn’t run their best and brightest? Do you think they were so sure President Obama would be re-elected that they didn’t want to tarnish their best candidates with a loss? Is Mitt Romney a human sacrifice hand fed to the American public by the GOP? Who are they holding back for the 2016 race? Jeb Bush?

Did anyone but me notice what happened when it came time for Mitt Romney to select a running mate? How many potential Vice Presidential short listers came on the air and said categorically NO, maybe adding some Romney insults to the interview to make sure they weren’t included on Mitt’s long or short list. Wouldn’t you love to see a video of those strung together? Oh wait a minute, there is one, you can watch it here.

I think Mitt Romney’s short list didn’t consist of the best Republican running mates that are qualified to be President. I think his very short list consisted of a very small number of people who were willing to run on a ticket with Mitt Romney.

Now we have Paul Ryan. Qualified to be President? I hear he was sent to Washington because his family didn’t feel he was qualified to be a part of their family business. Was Ryan sent to Washington to secure Government contracts for the family business?

The one thing he is qualified to do is lie, just like Mitt Romney.  I’ve done a few blog posts regarding Mitt’s blatant lies on the campaign trail, check them out.

After only a few days on the trail, Paul Ryan is lying already. What a way to pick GOP.

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Gringo’s Just Don’t Get It

Posted on : 25-04-2012 | By : Guest Blogger | In : GOP, Guest Blogger, Marco Rubio, People with Common Sense, Rachel Maddow

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By Dan Montes, Carson City, NV

Marc o RubioSo, the Associated Press reported the other day that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) is pushing for a Republican version of the DREAM Act.  Good luck with that.  Sen. Rubio is also a potential Vice Presidential pick for the upcoming presidential election.  Again, good luck with that.  So why do I make that statement; and why does it matter.

I’m sure that everyone is pretty much aware that the Republican Party is in deep trouble with the Hispanic voting bloc, almost all 21 million eligible voters.  Given the tone of anti-immigration talk that the Republican Party has been throwing about the last couple of years, can you blame them?  Sen. Rubio is working diligently to enhance his standing in the party to better his odds for a spot on the Republican ticket.  But a little reported issue within the Hispanic voting bloc stands in Rubio’s way, and it has the potential of making this VP selection imitate the Palin embarrassment.

Not to be condescending, but you Gringos just don’t get it.  Seen one Latino, seen them all. Not so I say.  Just ask a Salvadorian, a Nicaraguan, a Puerto Rican, a Mexican and the list goes on; as all the “Hispanic” nationalities have individual national pride and identity.  But most Gringos’ have the habit of just lumping them all together as Hispanics or Latinos.  As a Mexican-American that once lived in Florida, let me tell you it’s a bad idea to view the Hispanic vote as just one large voting bloc to corral. Republicans should listen up.

Besides Sen. Rubio’s obvious pandering to Latinos proposing his new and shiny version of the DREAM Act.  The larger issue is that he is of Cuban decent.  Why does that matter.  Because of the deep-seated resentment from the Hispanic community against the Cubans that is immeasurable.  Not many people are aware that the illegal Cuban immigrant is the only foreign national that has a special immigration status and residency pathway. The “Wet foot, Dry Foot” policy, the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, revised in 1995 provides for any Cuban that makes it to shore (“dry feet”) is allowed to remain in the United States.  All other illegal immigrants get a one-way ticket back to where ever they came from.  Do you get it now?  This has been a slow simmering issue with Latinos for some time now, just not discussed as openly as it should be, or maybe it will be if Sen. Rubio’s dreams are realized.

The 2008 election saw the Latino vote go 67-31 percent in favor of President Obama and favored Democrats 60-38 percent in the congressional race.  If Sen. Rubio is on the 2012 ticket, I’m guessing that the Republicans will pick up maybe another 500,000 votes, all from Miami, no big surprise, and not much of a gain to move the percentage points in the Republican column.  Do you get it now?  In all fairness I have to say that neither party has done anything measurable to solve the immigration problem in this country.  But now its election season, just watch them all scramble with more unfulfilled promises, should be entertaining.

Rubio Working on GOP Version of DREAM Act to Let Younger Illegal Aliens Stay Legally In U.S.



Rachel Maddow has some interesting thoughts on Immigration Policy, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio


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Making It Up Moments

Posted on : 04-04-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : People with Common Sense, Rachel Maddow

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Rachel Maddow does it again, she shows us how Rick Santorum gets up in front of groups of his supporters, and lies, over and over again.  Is this the kind of President you want? Who dreams this stuff up for him?  Where are his advisers?

This seems to be a theme in the Republican Party.  We see it on FOX News, we see it from Mitt Romney (see my earlier post) and we see it from Rick Santorum.

It appears that the Republican party doesn’t think they can win an election by having integrity and telling the truth.  What happened to “The Truth Will Set You Free?”  

Why can’t we just have elections and let the American public pick who they want? Why do the Republicans find it necessary to pull any trick they can to slant the vote in their direction?  They have spent the last two years making it harder for long time Democratic voters to vote.  They are so insecure in their own policies that they have to literally take way peoples given right to vote to ensure that they win.  It’s like cheating at cards.

An now, they have spent the last months on the campaign trail saying anything, no matter how untrue, no matter how ridiculous, just to get elected.  The Republicans give pandering a whole new meaning.  Of course, when you are preaching to the “Drink the Kool-Aide” crowd, they believe anything, no matter how untrue or how ridiculous.

On another subject though, you must admit, it takes a lot of guts for someone who was thrown out of office in his home state by a landslide vote to even think about running for President.  If his own state doesn’t want him, why would he imagine that the rest of us would?


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He lies about everything

Posted on : 22-03-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : People with Common Sense, Rachel Maddow

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Gotta love Rachel Maddow, nobody gets down to the facts like she does.  You can bet if she says it, it’s true.

Also, hey there John Fugelsang, the cute guy interviewing Mitt Romney’s lead strategist and my only celebrity Twitter follower.  Good job on getting that Etch-A-Sketch moment, which has been seen all over National TV.


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