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The GOP’s Descent Into Madness–And America’s Apartheid

Posted on : 07-07-2013 | By : Guest Blogger | In : Mitch McConnell

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Guest post by Harvey A. Gold

Republican MadnessYears from now historians are going to have a ball with the early 21st century aren’t they?

As political upheavals go, some historians in the future might say the election (and re-election) of Barack Obama might be the most consequential event in America’s relatively short history. Some might point to the obvious lies, corruption, and robbery of America’s Social Security Trust Fund to fight the only two unfunded wars in U.S. history—including the Revolutionary War–and the resulting economic crash it helped cause; surpassed only by the Great Depression in size and scope. But in reality, the most consequential event in the early 21st century of the U.S. is the rapid descent of the Republican party into utter madness.

The Tail That’s Wagging The Elephant

Never before in American history has a political party been so completely subjugated and controlled by its extremist wing. Never before has the U.S. seen a political party that brings together the attributes of nihilism, callousness, intolerance and naked partisanship quite like the modern GOP. In a two-party system like America’s, the result is unprecedented dysfunction bordering on treason when the Minority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell essentially declared war on President Obama and his administration, and never before has a major political party in America called for Apartheid which is what GOP “Patriots” are doing now.

Whether it was the wanton misuse of the filibuster and other blocking parliamentary techniques in the Senate to stop President Obama’s agenda; the manufactured fiscal crises highlighted by the disastrous debt limit showdown of 2011; or the unending efforts to undermine the economic recovery by deliberately obstructing any and all common sense efforts to stimulate the economy, President Obama’s first term was dominated by the Republican’s unrestrained obstructionism and lack of concern in actually governing the country.

The most bizarre aspect however is reserved for what happened—or didn’t happen– after the results of the 2012 election. Anyone with an IQ whose number exceeds their shoe size might have expected the Republican fever to break allowing some modicum of sanity and good sense to rise from the ashes of their resounding defeat.

Think again. This type of callousness, if evaluated pertaining to any other country, would be called a slow moving genocide, not entirely unlike the late 1900′s apartheid in South Africa by a similar white minority. It’s a blatant indifference to the the poor, unemployed, or disabled citizens in our country, with a bent towards their ultimate demise that the country’s Founding Fathers simply could not have foreseen.

If anything, in the first half of 2013 the GOP has accelerated its journey towards the depths of immorality. Go back to the beginning of the year. As millions of Americans were celebrating New Year’s Eve, the Republicans were lurching the country into the fiscal cliff because of their doggedness that no rich person should ever pay a single cent in higher taxes. The budgetary obsession continued through the sequestration and refusal to compromise with President Obama even after he put the liberal sacred cow of Social Security on the table.

Along the way Republicans thwarted modest efforts at gun control, ginned up made-up scandals involving the IRS and the death of four Americans in Benghazi but simply couldn’t be bothered with the difficult task of proposing public policy legislation. And after three years of complaining incessantly that Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget, key Republicans have spent the last 100 days obstructing the budget process.

But in the past few weeks things have actually gone from terrible to unimaginable. There’s the GOP so-called Farm Bill, which would have cut food stamps by $20.5 billion, robbing nearly 2 million poor Americans of basic food assistance. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Republican House also passed an amendment to the bill that would force food stamp recipients to work in return for benefits, which would be great, but it provided no actual funds for job training. In fact, it specifically banned states from spending more money on employment and training.

So if you’re a poor person and you lose your job, you lose the government benefits that allow you to feed your family, Then along comes this piece of genocidal legislative nastiness which was supported by all but six House Republicans.

Heartlessness With No Bounds of Decency For Fellow Countrymen

Across red state America, Republican legislators are doubling down on new abortion restrictions like:

  • Wisconsin will force women who want a constitutionally protected abortion to have, in some cases, a wand inserted into their vagina so they can see the fetus they are about to abort.
  • In Ohio, the state recently enacted new anti-abortion laws that divert federal funds away from Planned Parenthood to anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers” where women are fed a witches brew of mistruths about the health risks of abortion.
  • Perhaps the worst case is in Texas, where a proposed law would ban any abortion after 20 weeks and allow precious few exceptions for the health of the mother or the condition of the fetus.

wendy DavisSo imagine if a woman goes in to see her doctor in the 21st week of her pregnancy and discovers that her baby is afflicted with a terrible genetic anomaly. This is not a hypothetical since procedures like an amniocentesis are performed that detect such disorders. Under the Texas law, a woman would be forced to carry that baby to term. This is akin to state-sanctioned torture. And even if the woman’s health were partially, but not severely at risk, abortions would be forbidden. All in the name of some faux-consideration for “the fetus” with no regard for the indifference, no, scorn that the child will be shown by the same party once alive. And this ban is actually more generous than the recent post-20 week abortion ban passed in the House of Representatives, which would have no exceptions except in the case of the life of the woman.

Texas legislators and Governor Rick Perry have defended these bans as part of their fierce regard and respect for human life. Unfortunately, that pro-life agenda is only reserved for fetuses. Once that fetus comes to life, Perry and his ilk could give a rat’s ass what happens to it. Texas executes more prisoners in one year than the next ten highest rate states combined.
For example, Texas also has one of the stingiest welfare programs in the US (recipients get less than $300 a month). The state has also consistently refused to take federal money to expand health insurance for children and Texas has joined two dozen other red states in refusing to take federal money to expand Medicaid for its poorest citizens.

The GOP’s efforts to reject Medicaid expansion are perhaps the best example of the Republican party’s desire for genocide for poor Americans. Even though under the provisions of the law the federal government would be picking up the tab for the first five years of the program and even though Republican governors like Rick Scott in Florida, Rick Snyder in Michigan and John Kasich in Ohio support the expansion, GOP legislators are balking.

They use the facade of fiscal righteousness as the basis of their opposition (a fallacious claim) but in reality the opposition is yet another example of Republican psychosis about Obamacare. The conscious decision to reject Medicaid money will not only increase the economic anxiety, not to mention the cruel health consequences, of otherwise potential recipients. It will exacerbate mental health deterioration through poor nutrition and literally cost lives. But such “humane” arguments have never done much to shake GOP lack of empathy for less fortunate Americans.

On the contrary, Republicans on the national level are now doing everything in their power to ensure Obamacare fails regardless of “collateral damage” in their unholy war against the President. Collateral damage meaning the systematic destruction of all of the poorest and most defenseless Americans. Just this past week, key GOP senators, after discovering that the Obama administration was working with major sports leagues to encourage people to sign up for coverage, wrote a stern letter threatening the leagues for partnering with the White House on a law that was passed along partisan lines and is “controversial”.

Let’s put aside for a second that Obamacare was passed by Congress and upheld by the US Supreme Court. Even if Republicans remain unhappy with the legislation, it is the law of the land and its proper implementation is the responsibility of the federal government. But the GOP goal is not to make sure what they believe to be a terribly flawed law works; it’s to make sure it fails so that Democrats will be blamed and Republicans will reap the political benefit. That millions of Americans will be harmed and will suffer because of a narrow political agenda is totally irrelevant to them.

GOP War on AmericaOf course, none of this should be a surprise to even casual observers of American politics. In the narrow pursuit of political gain, Republicans have adopted an agenda that is quite simply, inhumane and cruel, rising at times to the level of treasonous obstructionism of their duty to defend ALL of the Constitution, not just the 2nd Amendment. ALL of it.

Even if I were to be charitable and defend their actions on the ground of the Republicans adherence to an ideological agenda of smaller, less intrusive government (except in the case of vaginas or birth control) it simply can’t be defended. If one’s ideological bias means denying food assistance to people who are laid off from their job or forcing a woman to carry a dead fetus to term or preventing individuals from getting health care coverage, then you have an ideology only shared with the most despicable villains in history any way you slice it, parse it, or manipulate it.

This is not meant as an indictment of all Republicans because it’s very likely that many rank and file Republicans don’t share these predilections. Rather it’s an indictment of a once proud political party that is delving into the depths of extremist radicalism and repudiation of everything once thought to define “American generosity”; or stated differently, like an alcoholic or crack addict that simply hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.

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Goodbye Michele Bachmann, we’ll miss your idiocy

Posted on : 30-05-2013 | By : vlramirez | In : Michele Bachmann

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Can you believe it? How are we going to live without Michele Bachmann and the totally crazy things she says? I have never seen politician who manages to get more things either wrong or just plain fabrications.  Have you ever notice that when she’s lying she puts it in the form of a question? 

As usual, nobody explains Michele Bachmann better than Rachel Maddow. Watch the video below, it’s quite eye opening to how, sometimes, Michele Bachmann sometimes gets things kind of right. That is if you don’t care about the exact facts.



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On Obama Being Instructed

Posted on : 05-05-2013 | By : Guest Blogger | In : GOP, Guest Blogger, John Boehner, President Obama, Rick Perry

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President ObamaGuest post by Walter Rhett

The “cognitive dissonance” in arguing that leaders lead, President Obama needs to be assertive, cut deals, engage individual Congress members is in the article of faith that we can return to the Lyndon Johnson model. No more then the Wing T or two-hand set shot will win football or basketball games!

The error is contemporizing the past. It is a big part of the GOP ideology, and it is also the denial and hope of the liberal/left/Democrats who long for a return to era of success. Yet that success followed a long trail of citizen direct action–including street riots at the 1968 Chicago convention and physical confrontations on the convention floor.

Later, Clinton lost on welfare and healthcare. The GOP Senate led by Bob Dole passed the King Holiday bill. The senate, this December (2012) rebuked Dole, a favored elder, a wounded WWII veteran, a practitioner of Lyndon’s arts, its leader and a GOP Presidential candidate–when it voted down a treaty Dole worked the halls to support–over the farfetched idea of a conspiracy of UN hegemony over America supposedly embedded in a reporting function in the millennium goals of UN Agenda 21!

So Barack can’t lead? Who can? How many GOP senators resigned or lost primaries because they couldn’t mitigate their own voters attitudes and demands, or work effectively within their caucus? The biggest fail was Texas, where the backroom power brokers, including Rick Perry, utterly lost to Ted Cruz! (Who received fewer Latino votes than John Cornyn!).

Three times, Boehner, the ultimate old-style, power broker cut from Lyndon’s jib (he re-assigned several committee chairs, works the lobbyists, hands out favors) had to bring bills to the floor that his caucus didn’t back! With a “minority of the majority,” he passed VAWA, Sandy relief, and Fiscal Cliff legislation only with Democrat support!

Beyond current dysfunction, do we want the President to lead a return to the era of the backroom? I push for taking away more perks, like tax credits.

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Joe Scarborough says the Republican party extremism is unsustainable

Posted on : 19-04-2013 | By : vlramirez | In : GOP, Joe Scarborough, Marco Rubio, Mika Brzezinski, People with Common Sense, Rand Paul

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Joe Scarbourgh and Mika Brzezinski on Morning JoeI want to say right up front, on a normal day, I do not agree with Joe Scarborough on just about anything, and normally spend my mornings mad tweeting him repeatedly. Today, much to my surprise, I was twitter silent because, for once, I agreed with him completely.

One day after the Senate voted down the background check bill by 6 votes, many people are predicting, me included, that every member of the Senate who voted NO and is up for re-election in 2014 will be defeated.  This prediction excludes Harry Reid who voted no so that he can reintroduce the bill at a later date.

Today on Morning Joe, Joe Scarbourgh stated “This will be a turning point in the Republican Party…this party that killed this background check yesterday; this party is moving toward extinction.  A new Republican Party is going to replace it and this is going to be a vote that people are going to look back on and say ‘that party, that extremism, that was unsustainable.'”

Watch Joe Scarbourgh, Mika Brzezinski,  Mark Halpern, Willie Geist, Howard Dean and Mike Barnicle on MSNBs Morning Joe this morning:


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What’s it going to take to get our DO NOTHING Congress to pass common sense gun legislation to keep our Country safe? They have already had one of their own, Gabby Gifford, shot in a mass shooting in Arizona, and they DID NOTHING! 20 children and 6 adults shot in Newtown, and they DO NOTHING!

That’s it, we now have to take matters into our own hands. WE NEED TO VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!

Now our work begins, we must see that the following members of the United States Senate are voted out of office at the first opportunity (we’ll take care of the House in another post) and replaced with common sense Democrats:

Member Party State Up for
Democratic Challenger
Lamar Alexander Republican TN 2014    
Max Baucus Democrat MT Retiring 2014 Governor Brian Schweitzer  
Mark Begich Democrat AK 2014    
Saxby Chambliss Republican GA Retiring 2014    
Thad Cochran Republican MS 2014    
John Cornyn Republican TX 2014    
Michael Enzi Republican WY 2014    
Lindsey Graham Republican SC 2014 Jay Stamper  
James Inhofe Republican OK 2014    
Mike Johanns Republican NE Retiring 2014    
Mitch McConnell Republican KY 2014 Alison Lundergan Grimes
Ben Chandler
Ed Marksberry
(45/41) 04/09/13
(46/41) 04/09/13
(46/35) 04/09/13
Mark Pryor Democrat AR 2014    
Jim Risch Republican ID 2014    
Pat Roberts Republican KS 2014    
Tim Scott Republican SC 2014    
Jeff Sessions Republican AL 2014    


If you know of a credible Democratic challenger for any of these 2014 races, please let me know. 

2016 and 2018 Races

Kelly Ayotte – Republican – NH – 2016
John Barrasso – Republican – WY – 2018
Roy Blunt – Republican – MO – 2016
John Boozman – Republican – AR – 2016
Richard M. Burr – Republican – NC – 2016
Daniel Coats – Republican – IN – 2016
Tom Coburn – Republican – OK – 2016
Bob Corker – Republican – TN – 2018
Michael D. Crapo – Republican – ID – 2016
Ted Cruz – Republican – TX – 2018
Deb Fischer – Republican – NE – 2018
Jeff Flake – Republican – AZ – 2018
Charles E. Grassley – Republican – IA – 2016
Orrin G. Hatch – Republican – UT – 2018
Heidi Heitkamp – Democrat – ND – 2018
Dean Heller – Republican – NV – 2018
John Hoeven – Republican – ND – 2016
Johnny Isakson – Republican – GA – 2016
Ron Johnson – Republican – WI – 2016
Mike Lee – Republican – UT – 2016
Jerry Moran – Republican – KS – 2016
Lisa Murkowski – Republican – AK – 2016
Rand Paul – Republican – KY – 2016
Rob Portman – Republican – OH – 2016
Marco Rubio – Republican – FL – 2016
Richard C. Shelby – Republican – AL – 2016
John Thune – Republican – SD – 2016
David Vitter – Republican – LA – 2016
Roger Wicker – Republican – MS – 2018

The United Citizens BEAT Citizens United

Posted on : 15-11-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Carl Rove, GOP

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We the PeopleI must admit that when Citizens United was upheld by the Supreme Court, I thought we were doomed. Super Pacs turned up in record numbers, several being orchestrated by Carl Rove. Then we found out who some of the biggest donors were, Bob Perry, Harold Simmons, T. Boone Pickens, Shelden Adelson and The Koch Brothers among the most well known.

Why would anyone pour hundreds of millions of dollars into an election? What do they want in return? They aren’t there to give, they are there to receive.

I imagined that we would be inundated with negative ads, which we were, and that the Super Pacs would have an unfair advantage in the election. Boy was I wrong, American’s proved me wrong, and I am so happy about it, I should have had more faith that comm0n sense would win out in the end.

All I have to say to Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers is thanks. Thank you for the economic stimulus. 


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