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Mitt Romney lies about everything, he has no compassion for anyone or anything. Don’t be fooled – MUST SEE

Posted on : 14-10-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Mitt Romney

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Mitt Romney lying in front of hard working miners

Not only were these miners forced by their employer to stand behind Mitt Romney, they were off work without pay and forced to contribute to Mitt Romney’s campaign.


On every issue in this election, Mitt Romney tells you what he thinks you want to hear, changing his positions depending on the crowd he’s talking to. The next day his campaign reps state that what Mitt said the day before was not his true position. Too bad this walking back never gets to the people who heard the original statement.

Mitt’s now campaigning on his record in Massachusetts? Don’t believe it. Why is Mitt Romney not ahead in his home state? He’ll probably lose the state by 30 points, that’s a recommendation that America should listen to.

According to Rick Holmes of the MetroWest Daily News, Rep. David Linsky told him that Mitt was such an elitist in office that he did the following:

  • He put a velvet rope across the door to keep people from walking into the governor’s offices
  • He commandeered an elevator for his exclusive use

Also,  as reported today by Danny Hakim of the New York Times: As Massachusetts Governor, Romney Was Often Away

BOSTON — When the ceiling collapsed in the Big Dig tunnel here, Gov. Mitt Romney was at his vacation home in New Hampshire. When the Bush administration warned that the nation was at high risk of a terror attack in December 2003, he was at his Utah retreat. And for much of the time the legislature was negotiating changes to his landmark health care bill, he was on the road.

During Mr. Romney’s four-year term as governor of Massachusetts, he cumulatively spent more than a year — part or all of 417 days — out of the state, according to a review of his schedule and other records. More than 70 percent of that time was spent on personal or political trips unrelated to his job, a New York Times analysis found.

Listen to Rachel Maddow explain the walking back of Mitt Romney’s positions, proving that you can’t believe a word he says, he’ll lie straight to your face without blinking.  This is a man without conviction and absolutely no integrity. Anyone who backs his presidency should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to force this hollow man on the American public.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Post Debate, High Altitude Sickness and a laugh on Mitt Romney (Gangnam Style)

Posted on : 04-10-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Mitt Romney

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After last nights debate, I can’t lie, I was a little disappointed. President Obama looked tired and not quite his normal self. I think President Obama was suffering the effects of the high altitude sickness in Denver.

Mitt Romney was smart enough to do his debate prep in Denver while President Obama came into town from Las Vegas only a few hours before the debate.  Las Vegas having an altitude of 2,200 feet and Denver having an altitude of 5,280 feet. President Obama should have read this article: 8 tips to avoid Mile High altitude sickness.

The Mile High City has 17 percent less oxygen than cities at sea level, so don’t be surprised if you come to town and become breathless over more than the scenery. Shortness of breath, throbbing headaches and fatigue are just a few symptoms of altitude sickness. Fortunately, many people come and go symptom free. But if the elevation gets to you…

As John Fugelsang said during the debate coverage on Current TV, he had the same problems performing during a comedy show in Denver.

Had President Obama come into town a few days earlier and acclimated to the altitude, we may have seen a different debate last night.

The only thing we can do at this point is have a laugh on Mitt Romney, enjoy! 

Mitt Romney Gangnam Style

Stop lying GOP, there was no Super Majority for 2 years

Posted on : 02-10-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : Mitt Romney

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He just can’t help himself, Mitt Romney is still lying.


Swing States, Moveon.org needs your help!

Posted on : 15-09-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : GOP, People with Common Sense

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Moveon.orgMoveon.org is looking for volunteers in every state, but mostly in swing states. 

Because I live in Florida, i received a call from Moveon.org today asking me to volunteer.  If we are going to win this election for President Obama and create a prosperous middle class, we NEED to win the swing states of Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Iowa and Wisconsin.

If you live in one of the swing states, Moveon.org needs you!

To volunteer, go here:  Join Your Local MoveOn Team

Get involved with the 99% movement and connect with progressives in your community.



My Tweets to Current TV Came True!

Posted on : 31-08-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : John Fugelsang, Joy Behar, People with Common Sense

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I used to watch Joy Behar on HLN every night, I never missed it. The Joy Behar Show introduced me to John Fugelsang, a New York based comedian.  Make no mistake, both Joy and John take their politics very seriously, but at the same time they both add such a quick wit to their comments and interviews that it’s a bit addictive.

I followed both Joy and John on Twitter and guess what?  John followed me back. He’s my only celebrity Twitter follower.

When The Joy Behar Show was cancelled on HLN I was devastated, so I tweeted her. 

The final show was hilarious. In a skit reminicent of the finale of the Bob Newhart Show, Joy ended up in bed with Republican, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC. You can see Bob Newhart’s picture on the nightstand next to Joy. This was so unexpected, Joy a liberal ending up in bed with a Republican.  Joy, that’s not a dream, it’s a nightmare!


 After The Joy Behar Show was over, I made my first tweet to Current TV.


On March 30th, Current TV fired Keith Olberman and a few days later replaced him with Elliot Spitzer.  This called for a double tweet so I could say everything I need to say.

Then a few months later, unbelievably, part of my tweet to Current TV came true.



Then John Fugelsang started showing up on CNN, MSNBC and all over Current TV and amazingly, this happened.




Do you think Current TV was talking to me when said “Your wish has been granted!”? Even though they didn’t mention me in their tweet, I’m taking total responsibility for both Joy Behar and John Fugelsang getting Prime Time shows on Current TV.

May your wishes come true too!!


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