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My Tweets to Current TV Came True!

Posted on : 31-08-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : John Fugelsang, Joy Behar, People with Common Sense

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I used to watch Joy Behar on HLN every night, I never missed it. The Joy Behar Show introduced me to John Fugelsang, a New York based comedian.  Make no mistake, both Joy and John take their politics very seriously, but at the same time they both add such a quick wit to their comments and interviews that it’s a bit addictive.

I followed both Joy and John on Twitter and guess what?  John followed me back. He’s my only celebrity Twitter follower.

When The Joy Behar Show was cancelled on HLN I was devastated, so I tweeted her. 

The final show was hilarious. In a skit reminicent of the finale of the Bob Newhart Show, Joy ended up in bed with Republican, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC. You can see Bob Newhart’s picture on the nightstand next to Joy. This was so unexpected, Joy a liberal ending up in bed with a Republican.  Joy, that’s not a dream, it’s a nightmare!


 After The Joy Behar Show was over, I made my first tweet to Current TV.


On March 30th, Current TV fired Keith Olberman and a few days later replaced him with Elliot Spitzer.  This called for a double tweet so I could say everything I need to say.

Then a few months later, unbelievably, part of my tweet to Current TV came true.



Then John Fugelsang started showing up on CNN, MSNBC and all over Current TV and amazingly, this happened.




Do you think Current TV was talking to me when said “Your wish has been granted!”? Even though they didn’t mention me in their tweet, I’m taking total responsibility for both Joy Behar and John Fugelsang getting Prime Time shows on Current TV.

May your wishes come true too!!


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