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Tea Party: It’s all about priorities

Posted on : 18-11-2014 | By : Guest Blogger | In : President Obama, Sarah Palin, Tea Party, Ted Cruz

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Brenda submitted this post last year, but time limits got the best of me and I didn’t post it. After reading it today, I feel that in the face of another threatened Government shutdown, it is still relevant today.

Guest post by Brenda Cornwell

Million Vet MarchWith a single-issue focus we have come to know and despise as “Tea Party stupid,” protesters converged on Washington D.C. in what was dubbed the “million vet march.” Now you would think that this is a good thing, supporting veterans by highlighting cuts to veteran’s benefits, psychological care, health care. You would think that they were protesting the fact that military families are forced to use food stamps to feed their families. Or maybe that Congress completely missed the boat and FORGOT to allow payments to fallen soldiers families to bury them. You would think that the protest was to showcase the number of homeless veterans living on the streets of this country. You would THINK they were there to protest the fact that our soldiers are still dying in the wasteland of Afghanistan.

But alas, you would be wrong. This is the Tea Party we are talking about. The reason for their protest: The shutdown of the World War II memorial.

These tin-foil-hatted, pointy headed morons went to Washington to remove the “Barrycades” from a memorial and demand that Congress pass a law that no memorials be closed EVER unless for maintenance. They removed the barricades and stacked them in front of the White House in their ridiculous display of patriotism. One man hoisted a Confederate flag held up alongside a Marine Corp flag (there has got to be some protocol against that?) Others carried their recycled from the last protest “Impeach Obama” signs.

Because that’s what you do when the brain-trust you elected has shut down the government leaving hard-working Americans without a paycheck and the threat of economic disaster looming because those same fools are holding the country hostage for an extreme agenda unsupported and summarily rejected by the majority of sane Americans. That’s what you do when you are clueless and uneducated by any form of reality except that which is spoon fed to you by people who make millions off of your ignorance.

Yes, the million vet march drew around 200 Tea Party fanatics who stood in the rain to hear the drivel that only folks like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz can deliver. Obama bad. Tea Party good.


Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, unwilling to miss an opportunity to further indoctrinate these devotees of crazy spoke at the event saying; “I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up.”

Meanwhile, back in reality, it’s day 14 of people going without a paycheck because it is so very un-American to let everyone buy insurance from a private corporation in case they get sick.

Welcome to “Murica. We’re #1! USA! USA!!

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I’m disappointed in Democrats, and you should be too!

Posted on : 16-11-2014 | By : vlramirez | In : Alison Lundergan Grimes, GOP, President Obama

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It’s been almost 2 weeks since the mid-term elections, and I’ve taken that time to figure out what could have possibly happened and who dissapointed me the most.

What I’ve discovered is that I’m irratated at a number of different segments of the Democatic Party on different levels.

Vote Your HeartDemocratic Candidates:

Alison Lundergan Grimes was the worst offender (I might have voted against her myself had I lived in Kentucy), but most, if not all of the Democratic candidates were a huge disappointment.

  • Why did the Democrats run away from the huge accomplishments the democrats have achieved over the past 6 years?
  • Why did the Democrats not stand proudly with our President?
  • Why did the Democrats not tell the country what the Democrats stand for?
  • Why did the Democrats not make it clear that it’s the Republicans that have been STOPPING all of the Democratic legislation that would have made life a lot better for the Middle Class?
  • Why did the Democrats not make it clear that the Republicans vote again and again for policies that TAKE AWAY RIGHTS and FAVOR THE 1%?

Where would we be now if they had?

Apparently these candidates don’t realize how disloyal the voters think they are.

Hey Democratic Candidates and Democratic members of Congress, when a reporter asks you a question, speak from your heart, no matter where you fall on an issue. We want honest politicians, not people who speak and vote always with a calculation in thier head of what will happen in the next election based on what they say or how they vote. SPEAK and VOTE with integrity and heart. That’s what Democratic voters want. We expect better than that.

Democratic Women are the life of the party

Women Voters:

What can I say about the Women voters? Regardless if you are a Democrat or a Republican, you have allowed the Republicans to continue the War on Women. Our reproductive rights are being systematically taken away state after state and we have missed a huge opportunity to make our voices heard. Even if we couldn’t vote these neanderthal self rightous white men out of office, we have the power to make the races close enough to scare than straight.

What is one of the first bills put forward in the House of Representatives every session? A bill banning Abortion. Women have it in their power to completely change the Congress every 2 years, and the way this country is funtioning, but we don’t step up.

What are we thinking?

Minority Voters:

I  know how disallusioned some of you must be by the lack of progress being made to make your lives better, but you have to understand why progress isn’t happening. The Republicans are the ones taking away Women’s rights, Voters rights and obstructing bills in Congress that the Democratic Party have put forth to create jobs, raise the minumum wage and generally make life better for the Middle Class.

But what was the result of the election?

Minority votes took out their frustration by not voting. This tactic doesn’t solve anything. In fact, by not voting, you just made your own lives WORSE. The obstruciton will now continue by the Republicans unabated.

Minority voters had the power, even in the deep south Red states to take over both Houses of Congress. You had real change in the palm of your hands and chose to turn your back on President Obama and the Democratic Party.

Your Vote Counts 2016YOUR VOTE is the only power you have to change things for the better. NOT voting silences you completely.

The Democratic Base:

I’m hoping that this is the one segment of the Democratic Party that voted in the mid-terms, I know I did. How do we turn this around? How do we energize the Women and Minority voters?

Now What?

For the next 2 years we have to suck it up and let the Republicans be Republicans. Hopefully they will wield thier power into a total melt down. They are drunk with power, we have given them the rope, now we wait for them to hang themselves. They may give us lip service, but they will never vote against the nastiness of their hearts.

News Night anchor Will McAvoy takes on the Koch Brothers on Newsroom

Posted on : 10-07-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : People with Common Sense

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News Night anchor Will McAvoy I feel bad for those of you who don’t subscribe to HBO, Newsroom alone is worth the monthly cost, this show is fabulous.

In Episode 3 Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, takes on the Tea Party who he suggests has been taken over by the Koch Brothers and have hijacked the Republican Party.

I know this is fiction, but the stories on this show are real, and Will McAvoy’s assumptions could not be more correct.

The Koch Brothers are in the process of buying our Government, and so far, we are letting them.  Don’t forget, we have the power to stop them. Even with the 400 million they are expected to spend in this election cycle, they still only have 2 votes.  

Come on 98%, pull it together. Even Will McAvoy, a Republican, can see what they are up to. I promise you, if we let the Koch Brothers win, we won’t like the consequences.

I love this show. 



Venting on Mitt Romney and how Out of Touch with real people he is

Posted on : 19-06-2012 | By : vlramirez | In : GOP, Mitt Romney

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Mitt Romney is Out of Touch


I haven’t posted for the past few weeks.  I’ve spent the past few weeks reflecting on many things, I’ll be posting some of my random and jumbled thoughts over the next few days.

I have to admit I’ve been a little depressed about the state of our country, Republicans as a whole and the Supreme Courts decision on Citizens United and how our elections can now be bought  by a few rich Tea Party guys looking for favors.  

Keep this in mind people, when a rich Tea Party Billionaire helps someone get elected (Mitt Romney, Scott Walker) they want to be paid back.  We know the Koch Brothers want to get rid of the EPA so they can spew their poison all over our environment without restraint.

Hey Justice Thomas and Mitt Romney, corporations are not people, they can’t go to jail for their misdeeds like people can.

Out of Touch
How out of touch is Mitt Romney? He uses the oddest expressions it makes you wonder what type of people he hangs out with.  Who is unable to recognize a donut? I don’t care how tongue tired you are, who can’t come up with the word donut?  Maybe he’s never had one, is it possible he’s never been to a donut shop?  

He’s so amazed at a touch screen to order a sandwich but calls it a touch tone instead of a touch screen. I just don’t get it. Why would he stand up in front of a group of people and say something so stupid? Oh I forgot, he doesn’t realize he’s clueless, he must think we’re all clueless.  

Random Thought: The next time he says “If you will” I think I’m going to gag.

No matter what he does, he’s not a regular guy, he just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to worry about health insurance or medical bills.  He doesn’t know what it’s like to not have enough money to pay all your bills. He can’t even comprehend having to work everyday.  Willard has been unemployed for 7 years trying to run for President.  Can you imagine a job interview that lasts 7 years.  How would you pay your bills.  Getting elected President is Mitt Romney’s job.  He’s trying to accomplish something his father couldn’t.  Sounds like there’s some kind of odd father son rivalry going on there.  Maybe it’s not such a pretty picture after all.

If this was Mitt Romney’s job for the past 7 years, why didn’t he spend that time learning about real Americans?  Why didn’t he travel the country in that time and get to know about people’s lives and struggles?  

And why won’t Mitt Romney take a stand on anything?  Why won’t he answer questions? Any question? John Fugelsang said while guest hosting  The War Room on Current TV tonight that Mitt self deports from topics. Love it! Some people say he won’t take a position on any topic so that he can’t be accused of being a flip-flopper.  I think it’s because he can’t remember his last position, he panders so much to the people he’s standing in front of.  He’s rubber band man, he’ll say anything to gain approval from anyone.  The question is what does he really think? Where does he really stand? How would he legislate? Nobody knows, I suspect including Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney says he won’t give details because his views will evolve over time.  Evolve over time?  So that means that on any given day when you voted for Mitt Romney in a Primary, the views he spewed to you will be different when he gets to the General Election.  They may even have evolved during the run up to the General Election, depending on who he’s talking to.  If you had known that, would you have voted for him in the Primary? Do you feel like your vote was given under false pretenses?

According to Ron Reagan on Hardball tonight, he’s already said that if you knew the details to his economic plan you wouldn’t like it and you wouldn’t vote for him.  How is he going to raise enough revenue in order to implement the Ryan Budget Plan? You can bet he won’t raise taxes on the top 1%.  You can also bet that he won’t cut any tax deductions that he takes himself.  Have you ever seen a man who works so hard not to pay taxes?  Is that the guy you want for President? The guy who will do anything including off shore bank accounts to keep from paying taxes in the country he wants to become the leader of.  What kind of example does that set? Better yet, what kind of man is that?

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